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Top Questions from Producers

Dairy Farms Available
Where can I find dairies for sale or lease?

Land Prices
What are land prices in Missouri?

Milk Prices
What are milk prices in Missouri?

How does Missouri's climate compare with other milk producing states?

Milk Markets
What are our options for selling milk in Missouri?

Two Federal Orders in Missouri

Two Large Dairy Cooperatives in Missouri

A list of some of the smaller Cooperatives Marketing Milk for Missouri farmers

  • Arkansas Dairy Producers
  • Lone Star Milk Producers
  • Central Equity Cooperative
  • DMCI
  • + some potential local opportunities to sell directly to processors

Regulatory and Environmental Concerns
How does the state of Missouri regulate dairy production?

Economic Incentives
Are there economic incentives in Missouri for expanding dairy operations?

  • http://mda.mo.gov/abd/financial/

    For more information or to make comments and suggestions, please contact:
    Kurt Olsen
    Dairy Development Coordinator, Missouri Department of Agriculture
    Phone: (573) 291-5704
    E-mail: Kurt.Olsen@mda.mo.gov